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Contractors Raise Prices To Keep Up With Cost Increases, Especially To Build Warehouses: Up 13% In October

As U.S. consumers experience the strongest price inflation in 30 years, contractors are seeing their own brand of inflation that is putting the squeeze on the construction industry and is now causing contractors to raise what they charge.

Bid prices charged by contractors for new structures shot up across commercial development sectors in October compared with September, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks inflation for producers as well as consumers.


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REITs, Private Equity Investors Pile into Self-Storage Assets

Self-storage properties in the U.S. have performed well throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and that has attracted the attention of investors from around the world, driving prices up even further on the assets.

“Storage facilities have a higher value then they did even a few years ago, due to high levels of occupancies and rental rate performance,” says Isaac Hiatt, product specialist at Yardi Matrix.

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Farmers And Professors May Be Paving The Way For Rural Data Centers

The landmark $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill signed into law by President Joe Biden this week provides financing for what could be an unprecedented expansion of fiber networks across the U.S., much of it with the stated goal of providing broadband internet access to the millions of Americans, many in rural areas, without it.

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More Office, Industrial Deals Are Closing on Time, Signaling Pandemic Disruption Might Be Over

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, uncertainty gripped to commercial real estate market, causing some transactions to be cancelled and others to be delayed. But as the pandemic has subsided in the U.S., brokers say new office and industrial deals, including both investment sales and leases, are going through as planned and closing on time.

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Office REITs See Financials, Fundamentals Improving Under Hybrid Work Cloud

In quarterly earnings calls in recent weeks, publicly traded office landlords touted indicators of a recovering market and brushed off questions about the long-term implications that fully remote and hybrid work will be fixtures of the future office conversation.

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Beyond the Flight to Quality: Why Demand for Mixed-Use Office is Rising Post-Covid

Tysons, Va., is an urban center in the northern part of the state that is technically small – a population under 25,000 – but boasts a corporate presence that far exceeds its size. Home to companies from Capital One and Booz Allen Hamilton to Freddie Mac, it boasts a slew of impressive office buildings and complexes.

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Amazon Adds 3 MSF to Industrial Footprint

Amazon continues to expand its delivery system with new facilities across the U.S. The e-commerce giant just announced five projects involving openings and plans for fulfillment and sortation centers totaling more than 3.3 million square feet in Minnesota and Alabama.

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Will CPI Increases Impact Office Rent Escalations in the Months Ahead?

It used to be that office leases would use the consumer price index (CPI) as a basis for rent increases. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CPI rose by 5.4 percent over the last 12 months, as of September, driven to a large extent by an increase in gas prices. The CPI has been rising for months and the Federal Reserve expects inflation to average 4.0 percent over the coming year, before falling to about 2 percent a year by 2023.

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Holiday Marketing Tips for Non-Retail Businesses

If you own a retail business, chances are you’re more than ready for the holidays—there’s no shortage of expert advice to guide you to success. But what happens if you’re a non-retailer? What are some good holiday marketing tips for non-retail businesses to take advantage of this special time of year to drum up new business?

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Majestic Las Vegas to Feature All-Encompassing Wellness Center Designed by Steelman Partners

Steelman Partners, the industry-leading global architectural firm, announced today they have partnered with legendary Las Vegas developer Lorenzo Doumani on the revolutionary Majestic Las Vegas, the first of its kind non-gaming, non-smoking, ultra-luxury resort. Located directly across the street from the new convention center, the Majestic Las Vegas will, among others, be specifically focused on the wellness and mindfulness of its guests.

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